# Troubleshooting

# Voting for a node is successful and the My Vote page of HiWallet displays the successful voting record, but the number of votes of the voted node is not updated

  • Solution: Use the same account to vote for the same node 5 minutes later. There is no limit to the number of votes. After the vote is successful, the voting information of the node and account will be updated.

# Unable to claim the voter dividend, the page has been in the polling state

  • Solution: Users need to ensure that the balance is greater than 0.1 before claiming the voter dividend.

# Voting for the node is successful and the vote number of the node has been updated, but there is no dividend reward

  • Solution: Vote for another node. Before choosing a node, go to TOPScan (opens new window) to check the node's daily reward, credit score, dividend ratio, and the proportion of your votes in all votes, then you can approximately estimate your daily income.

# "TOP mapping has started. Please bind your TOP address first to withdraw" is prompted when I claim the voter dividend

  • Solution: Bind a recipient account of the mainnet and transfer again. TOP mainnet addresses can be created in HiWallet, starting with T8.

# No workload reward for nodes

  • Solution:
    1. Ensure the disk space is normal. If the remaining disk space is not enough, the workload of the node will be affected. You need to free up the disk.
    2. If the TOPIO has not been updated for a long time, it may not work properly.

# Error "bad_alloc" is reported when starting the node

  • Solution: You can try to execute topio node stopNode to stop the node first, and then execute topio node startNode to restart the node.

# The TOP account address did not receive the tokens after transferring through the TOP swap

  • Solution: Contact customer service and provide your account address and transaction hash.

# Other Issues

# "Syntax error: "(" unexpected" is reported when executing "sh install.sh" in ubuntu system

  • Solution: Execute sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash, then select "No".

# Failed to upgrade

  • Solution: Use the following commands to upgrade again (A DB deletion operation is added).

    ps -ef |grep topio|grep -v 'grep'|awk '{print $2}'|xargs kill -9
    cd ~/topnetwork; rm -rf db_v3 db_v2 db
    wget https://github.com/telosprotocol/TOP-chain/releases/download/v1.14.0/topio-1.14.0-release.tar.gz -O topio-1.14.0-release.tar.gz && tar zxvf topio-1.14.0-release.tar.gz && cd topio-1.14.0-release && sudo bash install.sh && source /etc/profile && bash set_topio.sh && source ~/.bashrc && ulimit -n 65535 && topio -v
    topio db download https://top-mainnet-space.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/db_20220323_v3_ebc276e0d5ef0b0f37fe6313c36c7655.tar.gz

    You should set a mimer key before start the node, otherwise a message "Please set a miner key by command'topio mining setMinerKey'" will be prompted.

    Operation details could be found on [Set Miner key]((/en/Tools/TOPIO/CliUsage/mining.md#set-miner-key).


    1. Public key will be used in the setting process, it could be retrieved from the keystore's "public_key" parameter
    2. You are requested to entered the password, if you didn't set it before, you could enter a space

    Don't forget to start the node at last

    topio node startnode

# The initial credit score after registration is 0.1, how to increase it to about 0.33



  • Before operating, make sure that your credit score is 0.1 (you can check it via TOPScan (opens new window)). If the credit score is quite high (such as 0.6), proceeding with the following actions will lower your credit score.

  • If a lot of votes are voted for the node, proceeding with the following actions will cause the number of votes to become 0, please operate with caution.

    When the number of votes is high, the node will be elected with a high probability. After 20-30 days of normal work, the credit score can naturally increase to about 0.33.

Operation procedure:

  1. Login to TOPScan (opens new window) and enter the account to search for the account information, check the credit score and votes, make sure the node credit score is 0.1.

    If the credit score is greater than 0.33, no further steps are required.

  2. If the credit score = 0.1 and the node has a large number of votes ( Voting Tickets), you need to contact the accounts that voted for this node and let them withdraw votes (topio staking withdrawVotes) operation.

  3. Terminate the node (topio mining terminate).

  4. Register the node again (topio mining registerMiner) as the advance or validator node.

  5. Reset the dividend ratio (topio mining setDividendRatio).

  6. Contact the accounts that voted for this node and ask them to re-vote for this node (topio staking voteMiner).

  7. Login to TOPScan (opens new window) and enter the account to check whether the credit score is 0.33 and whether the votes are valid.