# How to Swap ERC-20 TOP to Native TOP

# Overview

After the TOP mainnet mapping is launched, TOP holders need to swap Ethereum TOP (ERC20) to the TOP tokens in the TOP mainnet. TOP tokens will be swapped one-way at a ratio of 1:1, that is, 1 TOP (ERC20) will be swapped for 1 TOP (TOP main network).

This article introduces how to swap TOP in the TOP mapping Dapp.

  • Web side users can click here (opens new window) to go to the TOP mapping Dapp.
  • Mobile (HiWallet) users can open the TOP mapping Dapp in HiWallet.

# Preparations for Web Side

  • For the Web side, you need to make sure that you have installed the MetaMask wallet plugin in the Chrome browser and imported your existing ETH wallet address.
  • For the mobile side (HiWallet), you can skip this preparation and go directly to the Swap Procedure.

# 1. Install plugin

  1. Open the Chrome browser and click here (opens new window) to open the MetaMask extension page.

  2. Click Add to Chrome, in the pop-up confirmation box, select Add extension.

​ Wait a moment to complete the installation of MetaMask plugin.

# 2. Import wallet address

  1. In the welcome page of MetaMask, click Get Started.

  2. Select Import wallet.

  3. In the import page, paste the seed phrase of your ETH wallet address and set the password to complete the import.

# Swap Procedure

# 1. Create TOP chain wallet address

  1. Click here (opens new window) to go to HiWallet official website to download and install HiWallet.

    Note: Currently, TOP main chain wallet address can only be created via HiWallet.

  2. Open HiWallet, click + on the right side of Assets, and enable TOP (not ERC20) on the Asset Management page.

  3. At this time, HiWallet automatically creates a TOP chain wallet address for you. Return to the assets list and enter the TOP chain wallet you just created, then copy the wallet address.

# 2. Swap TOP (ERC20) to the TOP in the TOP Mainnet

  1. Open the TOP mapping Dapp.

    • For the web side, click here (opens new window) to go to the TOP swap website.

      Note: The only official swap website is https://swap.topnetwork.org , beware of fraudulent and counterfeit websites.

    • For the mobile side (HiWallet), go to the Discover tab in HiWallet and find the TOP Mapping Dapp.

  2. Click Swap Now to enter the swap page.

  3. Bind the addresses. On the TOP Swap page, the page automatically identifies the ETH wallet address and the TOP (ERC 20) balance in the address. In the TOP Wallet below, paste the TOP wallet address you created in HiWallet, and click Bind Address.


    • An Ethereum address can only be bound to one TOP address.

    • Address binding is only required in the first time. In the subsequent swap, you don’t need to bind again.

  4. In the amount input box below the TOP wallet address, enter the amount of TOP you want to swap, or click MAX directly to enter all TOP tokens.

  5. Click Swap. Then click Confirm Swap in the confirmation box.

​ After confirming the transaction in MetaMask or HiWallet, the application to swap TOP (ERC20) into TOP tokens in the TOP mainnet will be submitted.

Now, you have successfully submitted the TOP swap request in the swap Dapp. After a while, you can swap TOP (ERC20) into TOP tokens in the TOP mainnet.

# View swap records

On the TOP Swap page, click the Swap Record at the top right of the page to view your swap record. The status includes:

  • Swapping: You have successfully submitted the TOP swap request, the transaction is in progress, and the swap will be successful after a while.

  • Swap Succeeded: The TOP tokens in the TOP mainnet you swapped has been successfully transferred to your TOP address.