# SDK Integration

The TOP Network Software Development Kit (SDK) is a bridge between applications and the TOP Network network.

According to a set of common SDK development specifications, we currently provide the Java SDK.

The SDK provides the following functions:

  • Interact with the chain (generate an account on the chain according to the private key, obtain main chain information, block information, etc.);

  • Account management (query account information, transfer TOP, query account transaction details, lock TOP token to obtain resources, etc.);

  • Application smart contract deployment and calling;

  • Miner operations (register/unregister miner, query miner information, query/claim miner rewards, withdraw miner deposits, etc.);

  • Staking (staking TOP token for votes, withdraw the TOP token for votes, vote miner, withdraw votes, claim dividends, etc.);

  • Proposal management (submit/withdraw proposals, query proposal details, vote on proposals, etc.).

In the future, we will also support richer functions and applications, as well as SDKs in more languages.

Refer to the following documents for Java SDK installation instructions and usage instructions: