# Miner

Miners are accounts that run TOP Network nodes and earn TOP tokens.

Nodes are computers or servers that provide computing, storage, and routing capabilities in the TOP Network. Different networks correspond to different types of nodes, such as edge nodes of edge networks. Since a computer or server can join different networks, it can serve as multiple types of nodes.

The content in this section will help you:

  • Be a miner.

  • Understand the requirements for becoming a miner, different types of miners have different requirements for registration deposits and hardware.

  • Learn about How Node Works and what are the different types of nodes in the TOP Network.

  • After a node joins the network, it needs to be elected to participate in the work. Learn about Node Election, and master how to increase the probability of being selected as a working node.

  • Understand how miners get reward when they work normally, and will be punished when miners fall behind.