# Get Started On TOP Network

Walkthroughs on common topics as follows:

  • Be A Miner

    For those wanting be rewarded by providing computing, storage, and networking capabilities to blockchain system.

  • Vote For Miners

    For those wanting to obtain voter dividend by voting the nodes they support.

# Applications We Prepared For You

The followings are our TOP Network applications.

  • Mining Software
Name Description
TOPIO TOP Network provides a tool for community users based on the main chain protocol to interact with the chain client (topcl) and node main program (xnode). Support mainstream Linux systems.
  • Wallets

    Used to manage your private keys and assets.

Name Description
HiWallet (opens new window) Mobile wallet for iOS and Android.
TOPIO Provide wallet management function.
Name Description
TOP Faucet (opens new window) Obtain the Testnet TOP safely and quickly.
  • Blockchain Browser

    Query all kinds of information and data on the blockchain.

Name Description
TOPScan (opens new window) Web application, provide blockchain network browsing function.
TOPIO Provide blockchain network information query function.
  • Staking DApp
Name Description
Staking DApp (opens new window) A web application, support miner application, staking and voting.