# TOPIO Instructions

TOPIO is a tool based on the main chain protocol provided by TOP Network for community users. It integrates a command line client and miner main program.

It has the following features:

  • wallet: Create and manage your account/keys, etc.

  • miner: Register as a miner, query/claim miner rewards, add/reduce miner deposits, update miner information, etc.

  • node: Start/stop/restart the node process, query whether the node joins the network, the node connected peers, etc.

  • staking: Stake TOP for votes, vote for advance miners, claim voter dividend, etc.

  • transfer: Send TOP to another account.

  • query transaction: Query detailed information of a transaction such as transaction consensus status.

  • chain: Query chain information, account information, block information and chain data synchronization status, as well as deploy and call application contracts.

  • resource: Sending transactions on the chain will consume gas resources, and supports staking TOP for more gas resources.

  • on-chain governance: TOP Network employs a distributed and democratic on-chain governance model, and all on-chain governance activities are carried out through proposals. Support querying on-chain governance parameters, submitting/querying/withdrawing on-chain governance proposals, and TCC voting proposals.

  • db: Backup and restore the miner's database.