# Request Identity Token

Please get the identity token before interacting with the chain.
The identity token is different for each account.

Please create an account on the chain before requesting the identity token:

  1. Create an local account,please refer to Account Protocol.

  2. Create the account on the chain via transferring TOP tokens to the local account by an account have enough balance on the chain.

Request Method


Request Parameters


Response Parameters

Parameter Name Parameter Type Description
secret_key String Secret key.
signature_method String Signature method.
signature_ver_code String Signature method version.
identity_token String Identity token, used to interact with the chain. This parameter is required for all subsequent requests.

Request Sample

curl -X POST --data 'target_account_addr=T800002276a7d58218ac4978733e5cca927a7d86cb7c87&body=null&method=requestToken&sequence_id=8&identity_token=&version=1.0'  http://localhost:19081

Response Schema

  • Successful
	"data": {
		"secret_key": "539d7573-3687-467b-a080-a21be9f1a332",
		"signature_method": "hmac_sha2",
		"signature_ver_code": "1.0",
		"identity_token": "66e1aebc-5e42-451e-aea2-e75725dd26cb"
	"errmsg": "ok",
	"errno": 0,
	"sequence_id": "1"
  • Failed