# Node

Nodes are computers or servers that provide computing, storage, and routing capabilities in the TOP Network blockchain network. Different networks correspond to different types of nodes, such as edge nodes of edge networks. Since one computer or server can join different networks, it can serve as multiple types of nodes.

The node command provides node process management and node network information query functions, as shown in the following table:

Command Description
topio node startNode Start node.
topio node stopNode Stop node.
topio node reloadNode Reload TOPIO after TOPIO upgrades.
topio node isJoined Query whether the node is joined the network successfully.
topio node peers Query the maximum number of peers that a node can connect to and the number of peers the node currently connected to.
topio node nodeP2PAddr Query the node's P2P network IP and port.

# Start Node

After the miners register, they need to start the node process before they can join the network, participate in elections and work.


Before starting the node process you need to complete:

  1. Miner registration.

  2. Set the miner key (when there are multiple keys in the wallet or only one key with a password).


Start node with:

topio node startNode

After starting the node, TOPIO will automatically synchronize the data on the chain and you can use the command topio chain syncStatus to query the data synchronization status.

  • Successful

    Start node successfully.
  • Failed

    • There are multiple keys (owner key or worker key) in the wallet or the wallet key has a unique key but a password, and no miner key is set.

      Please set a miner key by command 'topio miner setMinerKey'
    • Miner not registered.

      Start node failed.
      T800002276a7d58218ac4978733e5cca927a7d86cb7c87 account has not registered miner.
    • The miner key set is inconsistent with the miner key when the miner registered.

      Start node failed.
      The minerkey does not match miner account.
      T80000FD4f433c036268F17a1b4204eA907E70618d030E account‘s miner key is BN9AVWp3N6M2BFtKQ8MsQjw25Phmq0OFS9RS77xaIDDC8SGBrO03EVPQ0wCjuIl8U3/JDxYAhKLkU7yBi6QxBco=

# Stop Node

Stop node with:

topio node stopNode

# Reload Node

Reload node with:

topio node reloadNode

# Query Whether The Node Is Joined The Network

Miners register and start the node process to join the network, then the node enter the candidate pool to wait for election.

Query whether the node joined the network successfully with:

topio node isJoined
  • If it returns topio not ready, TOPIO is temporarily not ready, please retry one minute later.
  • If it returns YES, the node is successfully join the network, enters the candidate pool, and waits for election;
  • If it returns NO, the node fails to join the network.

# Node Peers

Query the peers he node connected to with:

topio node peers

Returned messages:

peers number: max 12 , now 2

Peer#0:IP; miner_account T800002276a7d58218ac4978733e5cca927a7d86cb7c87; Connection quality good/normal/bad 

Peer#1:IP; miner_account T8000066ab344963eaa071f9636faac26b0d1a39900325; Connection quality good/normal/bad 

The number of peers a node connected to is related to the role of the node. The more networks a node joins, the number of connected peers will increase accordingly.

# Node P2P Address

Query node P2P address with:

topio node nodeP2PAddr

Returned message:


Description of Returned Message:

Parameter Name Description
tnode Node P2P address.
The "ffffff17236471b087a873b8daf14c840000000090e2bd5f54283eccc94e8d3bf0a81bc0" in the returned message is the P2P node ID.


  1. How to check the node process after the node process is started?

    Check the node process with:

    ps -ef |grep topio

    Node process include: daemon process, xnode process, node safebox process.

  2. How to restart the node process after shutdown?

    • There is only one key without password:

      You do not need any operation, the system will automatically start the node process.

    • There are multiple keys in the wallet or only a key with password:

      1. Set the miner key, please refer to the related command description in Miner.

      2. Restart the node process with:

        topio node startNode