# Voter Dividend

# Overview

Advance nodes can set the dividend ratio, and distribute the total rewards of the nodes to the voting nodes that support themselves according to the dividend ratio.

The total reward includes all the rewards obtained by the miner, which includes workload rewards, vote rewards, etc.

# Miner Dividend Ratio

After registering, the advance miner can set the dividend ratio(the default is 0%), and distribute the reward from the miner to the account that vote for it in proportion.

Miners can modify the dividend ratio every 14 days.

The dividend ratio ranges from 0 to 100%. For example, when a miner sets the dividend ratio of 80%, it means that 80% of the miner's reward will be distributed to the users who voted for the miner.

# Voter Dividend Rules

Reward objects: all voters.

Reward calculation and distribution period: 12 hours

Reward rules:

Node distributes rewards to all voters who support it according to the dividend ratio. The voter will get the dividends from the miner according to the votes proportion.

Voter dividend formula:

Voter Dividend=(Votes/total votes of this miner)Total rewards of this miner miner dividend ratio

Among them, the total miner rewards refer to all the rewards obtained by a miner (including but not limited to workload rewards and votes rewards).

# Reward Withdrawal

The system settles voter rewards every 12 hours, and automatically distributes to the dividend pool.

If the withdrawal amount is less than 10 TOP, the withdrawal cannot be made.